Toe tappin’ music clip for The Vanturas

Friends and colleagues Max Miller and Kali Bateman wanted to make a music clip for a band they knew called The Gunrunners.
We never made a clip for that band, they broke up before we got a chance to.
Instead, we took our ideas and made a clip The Vanturas’ song Tightrope.

We built the clip around the idea of sordid goings-on in old highway motel rooms. In the clip, we pass through walls to switch between rooms revealing the debauchery next door.
To achieve the pass-through effect, we built a hotel room with fake walls and I stitched the shots together in Nuke, adding some extra padding in the walls.
I also created the titles using a font I modified and some splattered ink.

Below is a breakdown of one of the shots where the camera looks like it is pushing past a wall into another motel room.

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