Two Refugees and a Blonde

It couldn’t be a more fitting time for a web series about refugees, especially in Australia where it’s a highly discussed subject on all sides of politics.

‘Created by Osamah Sami, Rain Fuller and Shahin Shafaei, “Two Refugees and a Blonde” is a web series about an outspoken blonde who attempts to live with two erratic Muslim refugees.

Zoe Hunter, an idealistic radio host who thinks she’s worldly, challenges a prominent politician: why isn’t Australia embracing refugees? When he turns the question back at her, Zoe proclaims she would gladly take refugees into her own home. Live on Air.

Her listeners and media applaud her and the “Wake Up with Zoe” Facebook page goes wild with thousands of new likes. Just as she begins to bask in the limelight, the doorbell rings. Sami and Muncle, two Iraqi asylum seekers, arrive on her doorstep, suitcases in hand: “Which room is ours?!”
Chaos ensues as the mismatched trio struggle to share Zoe’s boho townhouse, with hazardous consequences.’

Shahin and Rain asked me to create a fun, pop-y title sequence fitting for this web series, born out of bizarre circumstances and funny characters. I took the idea of the two refugees literally crashing the female protagonist’s apartment and ran with it from there.


Watch the full series here:

Web series Created and Produced by
Osamah Sami
Rain Fuller
Shahin Shafaei

Directed by
Shahin Shafaei

Rain Fuller
Osamah Sami
Behrouz Harvasi

Music by
Craig Bryant

and Sound Design by
Leo Guardo


Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards – April 2017

Actors Awards 2017, Los Angeles

LA Web Fest 2016

  • Nominee for Outstanding Ensemble Cast
  • Nominee for Outstanding Comedy Series

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