Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple – ABSTRK Miami Mural

Working with ABSTRK, we built a beautiful multimedia mural in Wynwood to celebrate the resilience of Miami’s Hispanic community for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple.

Role at IW Group: Content Direction | Art Direction | Vendor Contacts

Partners: ABSTRK | Hey Mister! | Digital Ambiance | Diamond View


I approached local Cuban-American mural painter, ABSTRK, about creating a mural in his hometown, as we knew his work resonated with the Hispanic community in Miami. As he is already well-established, we knew that if we added an extra lighting element, it would be something that people wouldn’t be able to just walk past. Even the car traffic on the nearby highway would see it at night. Emblazoned across the mural is the phrase “Carácter Fuerte Y Audaz,” which translates to “Strong and Bold Character.”

I also contacted our good friends at ~Hey Mister!~, to develop and implement a robust and elegant lighting solution to give the mural an extra dimension. This work seamlessly integrated into the mural without compromising the look of the artwork during the day. And then at night, offered Wynwood something amazing to look at.

Finally, we needed a spotlight video to show off the mural and the get some media buzz. So we worked with Diamond View to produce a short and sharp vignette where ABSTRK could talk about the work and his inspiration.


For this piece, I was inspired by the diverse color palettes of Miami — from the sun-tinted beach skylines to the neon-bathed nightlife. This mural is a celebration of my city, my community and my cultural heritage which I’m proud to share with the world. Working with JACK DANIEL’S® TENNESSEE APPLE Whiskey to bring this to life has been an incredible experience.



Production photos by Finalis Valdez:


A timelapse of the mural in progress:


The completed piece lit-up:


Captured in history on Google Maps:


Selection of media coverage:

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