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McCafé Surprise Holiday Party for Wong Fu

Wong Fu’s Surprise Holiday Party for McDonald’s McCafe’s new seasonal products. Role at IW Group: Scriptwriting | Production | Video Co-Direction | Art Direction Partners: Wong Fu Productions | AJ Rafael | Cathy Nguyen Banaag | Mike Bow | Megan Lee | Kirstin Leigh...

Black and white, bathed in a golden light.

I have always been told that Iceland is an amazing place to visit. But nothing prepared me for Iceland during the winter solstice. The mix of black volcanic soil with the heavy snowfall, drenched in the...

Method Studios 2013 Christmas Card

This is an electronic Christmas card I created for Method Studios to distribute to our clients. Additional work by Simon Bronson, Drewe Clarke & Oz Smith. Sound by Richie Buxton & Sam Hopgood.