McCafé Surprise Holiday Party for Wong Fu

Wong Fu’s Surprise Holiday Party for McDonald’s McCafe’s new seasonal products.

Role at IW Group: Scriptwriting | Production | Video Co-Direction | Art Direction

Partners: Wong Fu Productions | AJ RafaelCathy Nguyen Banaag | Mike Bow | Megan Lee | Kirstin Leigh

We threw a surprise holiday party to help promote McCafé’s new cinnamon-infused coffee and chocolate dipping sauce. The party celebrated long-time YouTube influencers, Wong Fu Productions, for everything they have done for Asian Americans in the media industry.

To get them in the holiday spirit, we created a winter wonderland in the middle of sunny Los Angeles with the help of a group of close-knit influencers, many of whom have Wong Fu to thank for getting their start.

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Behind the scenes:

Snowing in Los Angeles

  • Lofty McCafé

  • Decorating the interior

  • The snow machine setup

  • Huge ice blocks

  • Snowing on the eaves

  • Snow concentration

  • Spray control

  • Mike Bow showing off the snow

  • Repping

  • Dusting the furniture

  • Happy McDonald's Snowman

  • Sleigh time.

  • Snow shot

  • The Production Crew (IW Group/Wong Fu/Influencers)

  • Interior and exterior plan

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