AARP Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month 2023

Using Fabric Simulations to build animated elements for AARP’s AAPI Heritage Month Content Series.

Role at IW Group: Creative Concepting | Motion Graphics

Partners: James Yang

For Asian American Pacific Island Heritage Month, AARP and IW Group enlisted the help of James Yang to create a set of unique hearts based on fabric designs from the AAPI community.

The 12 heart designs and their combined unity heart circle were used across all AAPI-related communications for the month, including a content series featuring Joey “Q” Quenga, who helped guide the viewers through the month.

I was tasked with turning the heart design into an animated campaign card, intro and outro elements for the content series, lower thirds and transition wipes.

This project gave me a great excuse to learn more about the new Cinema4D fabric simulation tools and put them into practice.

Here’s a short video breakdown of the fabric simulations used in the project:

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