New York in the time of Coronavirus

When COVID-19 hit the world at the beginning of 2020, New York was one of the worst-hit major cities.
No one really knew what the virus was, how it was transmitted or even how deadly it was going to be.

As a result, the city shut down.
The streets lacked the swarms of tourists that normally clogged them.
People found new spaces in the city to exist.
The fear of protests boarded up some stores, others closed completely while outdoor dining thrived.
Traditional methods of advertising dimmed, stripped of their habitual eyes, so haphazard forms of communication took hold.

Below is a selection of photos that I took during this time.

  • Masked up

  • The lines

  • Not sterilized

  • 1/2 off BEER

  • Times Square sans cars

  • Catching the sun


  • Comfort

  • 7:00 pm

  • Will fight racists

  • Break time

  • The glow of opportunity

  • Café closed

  • Courtyard-cum-studio

  • Lunchtime visitor

  • Boarded and covered

  • Flagship store

  • Plaza

  • We will be back!

  • Chipboard industry

  • Plea

  • Stripped back advertising budget

  • Behind the yellow line

  • NYS clean

  • Lonely lunchtime

  • Change in the air

  • Fishing spot

  • Empty E Broadway

  • Empty Grand Central

  • Empty Vessel

  • Taking back

  • Rare sighting

  • Expensive

  • Stand tall

  • Carless lots

  • Anarchy

  • Retail for lease

  • Wear a mask! / Fuck Trump!

  • Not yet available

  • Unused space

  • Business as usual

  • Space available

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