Big Shoe for Strike bowling

In March 2014, Strike bowling had a competition called RE:BOOT to design the look of their new bowling shoe.

The competition involved submitting a shoe design on Strike’s facebook page and from these submissions, ten finalists and one winner were chosen.

Through Lifelounge Agency they approached us at Method Studios to create a projection showcasing the ten designs that was to be screened at a series of live events across Australia.

We decided to 3D scan one of their shoes and print an oversized 3D model. We animated each of the designs using a variety of techniques and projected them onto our massive 3D shoe.

As a team, we split up the ten shoe designs and I had the winning shoe: ‘Laser Quick’ designed by Kerryn Kiss. Taking inspiration from its name, I created a TRON-esque environment and had the shoe drive around the space, passing light threads to show off the contours of the printed 3D model.

Strike - Laser Quick Cinema4DStrike - Laser Quick frame01Strike - Laser Quick in situStrike - Laser Quick frame02

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