Tarzie Warzie – ‘I’m Free’ music clip

Tarzie Warzie is a Melbourne singer/songwriter, who has recently completed a set of original songs for her first EP ‘I’m Free’. This is the music video that we created and funded for her birthday.

We hired director/editor Max Miller who, along with me, co-directed and wrote the script. Max edited and colour-graded the video, while I created the motion graphics to enhance the story telling and composited the final vision.

The story for the film clip came about through discussions with Tara, who is the singer/songwriter behind Tarzie Warzie. Tara suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and faces daily challenges doing the simple things in life. However she derives a lot of joy from small things like walking her dog or seeing friends and these can help her get through those hard times.

We also discussed ‘The Spoon Theory’ written by Christine Miserandino. This is a story about balancing the things you have to do with what you want to do, when you have a disease, like Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, that limits your energy.

All this helped to form our ideas of which direction the clip should take. The graphic element came from a desire to visualise the struggle that the main character was going through.

Below is a test I did before the shoot, trying styles for the graphic element. (Photos used in the test are by Michael Bodge & Olivia Bell)


Here are a couple of before and after shots from the video clip.

For more information about Tarzie Warzie and where you can buy here music, please see the links below:

Tarzie Warzie on Spotify

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