McDonald’s, Tigers, Fashion and the Metaverse

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in 2022, we created the “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs: 2022 Lunar New Year by Humberto Leon”. A virtual reality experience featuring illustrations by fashion icon and brand fan, Humberto Leon.

You can jump straight into the experience using this link on Spatial for an in-browser experience: McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs
During its two-week limited engagement, guests could access the experience on mobile, desktop, and VR Headset via


Visit the space and find your zodiac animal by locating your corresponding birth year in the exhibit and receive your horoscope for the Year of the Water-Tiger. Interact with our Prosperity wall where you can give red envelopes to other users in the space, and set off lanterns into the sky (VR headset only)!

Humberto Leon is a Chinese-Peruvian designer who co-founded the influential fashion brand Open Ceremony and was the co-creative director of the French fashion house Kenzo from 2011-2019. Leon’s creative vision and personal connection to McDonald’s brought the zodiac animals to life each with its own McDonald’s touch in this virtual reality space.

The space was open to the public from January 31st until February 15th 2022.

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